About Union Grove Saw & Knife

Union Grove Saw and Knife, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Ed Bissell with a strong desire to become a regional tool company known for exceptional service and quality. Today we service over 300 customers.

The keys to our success have been accomplished by building a team of employees dedicated to serving our customers in a way they should be served. We pay close attention to producing quality products for the woodworking, metalworking, paper and plastic industry. We are competitively priced with a higher standard of quality and service with timely delivery, every time, all the time. We understand that today we must squeeze every ounce of efficiency and cost savings to remain competitive. Our goal is to form long term relationships with customers who seek to gain profitability through efficiency, better management, and increased support from its production partners. Our dedicated staff is trained to respond with a sense of urgency to your tooling needs. Our vision for the future is to become our customers best employee.

Because of our commitment to our customer’s, we are dedicated to “Advancing the Science of Cutting Tool Technology” with cutting tools and solutions beyond the next generation through innovating ideas and state of the art CNC equipment. We have over 100 pieces of specialized tooling service equipment which duplicates exact tooling specifications along with the sharpest edge.

The areas of our expertise include knowledge of cutting tool application and design, with proper tool selection for maximum tool efficiency. We strive to help our customers reduce tooling costs while improving productivity. We want to partner with our customer’s to become their “Tooling Managers”.

Our Core Business Strengths Include

  • Consistently reliable delivery of a consistent quality service
  • A dedicated technical staff with over 120 years of combined tooling expertise
  • Technical support and training to our customers as an integral part of our commitment
  • Application Specific Cutting Tools refined to your Production Requirements
  • Total lower cost of Ownership for all of your Cutting Tool Resources

We guarantee to produce quality products for the wood, metal, paper and plastic cutting industries with a higher standard of service, that are competitively priced, and with timely deliveries. We will provide service and tooling for our customer to get optimum use for maximum benefits at minimum costs.

We look forward to the opportunity in becoming “Your Tooling Manager”.

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